Other Works


This section includes works that don’t fit in one of the major spanning projects. In some cases they are experiments, projects developed for a single exhibition, or works that may eventually be developed into larger conceptual series.

Game Space I Series (Public Billboard Exhibition)

This series creates symbolic imagery from video-game spaces, and recontextualizes their real-world counterparts in a game aesthetic. Doors, staircases, and locks can then regain their meaning outside of their found environment. By doing this, the series hopes to capture (and maybe to define) a rudimentary symbol set for digitally augmented real space.

The series was exhibited through the fabulous Billboard Arts Project, a project to expose large scale artworks in public spaces.

refr[action] (motion tracking based interactive installation)

This interactive experiment created at University of Delaware was designed to make viewers conscious of their own impact on how they perceive content in an exhibition space. Custom motion detection based software pauses and obscures the content, unless viewers in the gallery are in motion.

VBLANK Graffiti (iPhone based Augmented Reality Virtual Exhibit)

Coordinated with various 8bit performance exhibitions, the VBLANK Graffiti exhibition is a continually revolving GPS based Augmented Reality series highlighting 3D virtual models in a “real-space” locations. Viewers use the iPhone Layars application and its GPS locating technology to find and view renderings of the VBLANK series icons as suspended augmentations to actual geographic spaces.

Art in the Air Inaugural Exhibition (Large Scale Alternative Format Video )

The result of a commissioned award from PECO and Philadelphia's Breadboard project, electronic circuit based generative video from the VBLANK project was translated for large scale exhibition on the PECO Crown Lights Display.

The July 4th exhibition was the inaugural exhibition of a new Art in the Air revolving exhibit that highlights Philadelphia based media artists on the 15th story 2-million LED lighting display to an outdoor audience of thousands.

Locating Memory (Interactive installation with community workshop )

An open-source GPS device (the “GPS-a-Sketch”) was the seed of this project: created, released and shared with a two-part community class through a Philadelphia organization known as “the Hacktory.” Participants built the device, and loaded it with software that captured their location during a specific “shared moment.”

The information and related ephemera was collected and presented with re-documented audio and video of the locations, which could be explored through the movement of visitors through a floor sized map of Philadelphia and related motion-detection based video display.