WaitforVBLANK (2008-2012)


Before 2008, I became involved with a group of musicians in New York City and Philadelphia who were writing software and repurposing older videogame consoles to make music.The genre, now called “Chiptune,” became central to my interest in how people repurpose technology for uses never intended by the original designer.

As “VBLANK” (the name refers to a function called in Atari-era game console programming), I performed live video and sound/video performances, based on circuits and software that used and emulated game consoles from the 1980s and 90s.

The original blog for the project, along with video, press and documentation can still be found here: http://vblank.straytechnologies.com

Here is one of the first live output captures from the project, performed with Animal Style's "DMG Guitar" from his EP "Open Air" (8BP083) in 2008. The project continued through four years, with several code-bases, 15 different pieces of custom-built equipment, 5 major festivals, and nearly 50 live performances and collaborations.